The type S 187 ( 750cc) was born in 1956 so this car is also eligible at the Mille Miglia Period photos in USA.

Technical informations :

430Kg, 70CV, 180 Km/h

In 1959 Jim Eichenlaub won the American H-Mod Title with this OSCA S 187. He lost his job as a research chemist so he just went racing. Operating on a shoestring, Echenlaub often slept in his tow car because there are no money for a motel , but he won his first race at Pensacola ( 3-5/ 4/ 1959) with the number 76.

follow places:

At Daytona, Echenlaub remenbers the generosity of the Briggs Cunningham crew : " At Daytona , we had a full windscreen and wanted to take it off for top end because of a faster Bandinni twin-cam.We went to Briggs' crew for some plexiglass, and they came out with a 4 X 6 foot sheet.We cut out a little piece and went from 7800 to our 8200 rpm red line on the big ovale- faster than the Bandini "

in 1960

4 Cumberland 15/ 5 / 1960 N° 28


As a testament to the durability of the OSCA , only one throwout bearing was changed in 11 races. In 1961/ 62/ 63, the car is own by John Igleheart. On the 13 races he made , he finish 8 times first and 3 times 2sd .

The car today is matching number , original body , ready to use .


Photos (OSCA S187 1959)