" The Irish Maserati"

The car was made in 1952 with theengine and some tubesfrom crashed4CLTMaserati

Race at Goodwood 1952 14/4/ 1952 Chichester Cup and Richmond Trophy N° 61race by Bobbie Baird 9 th .

Bobbie Baird was the proprietor of the" Belfast Telegraph" newspaper .

Other races was Snetterton, 1952 Ulster trophy GP at Dunrod, phoenix Park, Walefield trophy .....race some time by Griffin but mainly by Baird .

The periode color photo (N°2) is made in june 1955 at Lisdoonvarna , Eire

See also periode article in autosport 1952: april 25 , may 9 , july 18 ,

MASERATI Baird-Griffin 1952