Maurer à moteur BMW 2 Litres, 4 Cyl. 315 HP.

Type MM81
Moteur BMW M 12/7
Chassis MM81/02


this car , chassis N° 2 ,race in 1981 with Roberto Gerrero with the number 17 at :


"With a cohesive programme in 1981 Maurer became a front -running team. For this year Gustave Brunner designed the best-engeneered and best-looking car of the season ... In 1981 Maurer led F2 racess, and won at Vallelunga......" and Truxton .
David Hodges ( A-Z Formula racing car book ) .

Maurer made only 3 MM81.
It was the only 100% German F2 at the time .

Photos (MAURER-BMW F2 1981)