OSCA MT4 1490cc 1954

Cette osca à double allumage est probablement l' une des plus originale encore en existence . En effet, elle possède son moteur (1508), sa carrosserie,  son instrumentation et même sa sellerie d' origine, mais aussi ses papiers et plaques italiennes d'époque. Elle est équipée de la rarissime boite 5 vitesses .Son pedigree s' incrit de 1954 à 1958 incluant: le Tour de France, le Liege Rome Liege , les 12 heures de Reims ,le Mont Ventoux , Rouen .... Elle était dans la meme famille depuis 1962 !

This twin-plug OSCA is probably one of the most origional and untouched in existence. In fact, she has the origional engine,(No 1508), body,instruments, and even the leatherwork --including the passenger seat that slides forward to allow the occupant to sleep..!!!!!. The paperwork and Italian number-plates from period are also there. She is equipped with the ultra-rare five-speed box,and has a vast pedigree between 1954 and 1958, including:-The Tour de France,the Reims 12 Hours,Mont Ventoux Hill climb,Rouen and so on. This car has been in the same family since 1962!!

Chassis 1149, twin ignition , original title , matching number ( engine N° 1508), original body, 5 speed gear box , in the same family from 1962 !

Good history :

Tour de France :
september 1954 , start from Nice at the Negresco hotel , N° 227

Liege Rome Liege :
August 1955 :N° 72 article in Auto Italiana " La OSCA di Laroche, una macchine favoritr alla Viglia,al passage da Roma..."

Neige et Glace :
November 1956 N° 10 , 6 eme in Class 12 overall

Rallye du Beaujolais :
September 1954: N° 135 Laroche - rdix : first overall, document regargind the periode color photos

the original : chassis plate , engine, instrumentation , and seat  with a amazing system for the Liege Rome Liege when the pilote can't sleep during the race , the solution was to make the "sleeping seat" for the copilote !!!! (see last photos)

Photos (OSCA 1149 1954)






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