SIATA 208 S Spider Motto 1954


Drawing by Govanni Michelotti .

Today, only 29 SIATA 208 S are known in the world , 17 maximum are matching number. On the 9 Siata 208S raced at the time, only 6 are matching number .

This was one of the 9 Spider Motto SIATAs that raced out of the 35 manufactured. This 208S certainly has the best competition history in Europe, including several races at Monthléry, the Rallye Soleil-Cannes and numerous Hill Climbs.

Sur les 35 Sider Motto fabriqués, cet exemplaire fait partie des 9 qui ont couru. Cette 208S a certainement, en Europe, la plus belle histoire : plusieurs courses à Monthléry, le Rallye Soleil-Cannes et de nombreuses courses de côte.


Photos (SIATA 208S Spider Motto 1954)








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